Starbucks Term Paper

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1. I find myself frequenting Starbucks more than a couple of times a week. Starbucks is a food and beverage non-durable good. There are Starbucks cafes littered throughout cities, throughout the nation and in other countries as well. Starbucks not only has their own cafes but they also rent space in grocery stores such as Safeway and Albertsons. Starbucks also sells canned and bottled coffees in grocery stores for people who like the convenience of just grabbing a coffee from home instead of having to visit their café. Starbucks not only offers cold and hot beverages in their cafes but they also offer food, ground coffee, packages of tea, and other non-perishable goods. When I visit Starbucks I usually
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Starbucks uses both intensive and exclusive distribution; intensive distribution is used when they put their ready to drink products into various convenience and grocery stores. Their exclusive distribution is used in their Starbucks cafes that only sell Starbuck brand coffees. 7. Different promotional mixes that Starbucks could use would be through advertising. Letting customers know of the different products Starbucks has to offer through television or radio ads are a great way to draw their attention. These ads are very informative and can be made to include a “jingle” that will stick in customer’s minds when they think of buying coffee. Other different ways are through social networking like Facebook which helps customers know what is available to purchase, store hours, what people think of their product, promotions, etc. One that I experience myself is through sales promotion. Starbucks sends me text messages every once in a while to let me know when they are having a new product come out or when they are having some type of promotion. I like this idea as a promotional tool because it’s easy to read as a customer and I don’t have to worry about it cluttering my house. One great thing that Starbucks implements are having samples. That really sells. It’s a great idea because customers can know what they are buying before hand and don’t have to worry about whether or not they are going to like it. 8. Starbucks has a very informative website. There is