Stardust Theme

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Stardust: Book Report

Stars fall out of the sky every day, one typically identifies a falling star as a shooting star, however, who could have known that a shooting star can determine one’s fate? Neil Gaiman, an award winning author, explores the theme of love, youth, dreams, and imagination through his 250 pages awe-inspiring love and adventure story, known as Stardust. This work of fantasy fiction, published by Harper Collins Publisher in 2006, gives readers a glimpse of the very slender and ruptured line between imagination and reality. Likewise, the unique characters, plot, and motifs set Stardust as a heartening novel, that puts its readers under a spell and bounds them to the black and white words.
Tristran Thorn, portrayed as the protagonist
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That is to say, this novel encompasses many themes that echo the author’s purpose of writing the book. In particular, a theme that is acknowledged is that imagination is getaway from the brutal hands of life. In other words, when one imagines, it is not an abnormal action, as, imagination is what determines ones strength of mind. Notably, the fact that in the real world a star is merely a piece of hot rubble, however, in the world of Faerie, the star is illustrated as a breathing girl. Accordingly, Tristran Thorn stems from outside the wall, and Faerie is to the other side of the wall. Interpreting this fact, the wall symbolizes the barrier that society has imbedded into humans’ thoughts regarding imagination and reality. Humans anticipate that reality cannot weave its way into imagination or, imagination cannot twine with reality, but the meager gap in the wall of Faerie, allows reality to enter. In like manner, another purpose of the book is that love and infatuation are not all that distinct. The difference between love and infatuation is only determined when one identifies the way they are characterizing their love. In other words, if their description consists of physical traits, than it is infatuation that they are feeling; if their explanation consists of characteristics, than it is love. Specifically, Tristran Thorn’s love for Victoria Forester is defined by her enticing and gray eyes stressing on his infatuation for her. In addition, he only demonstrates true love for Yvaine for, he makes mention of her personal traits, which contradicts his view on