Start Up Finance Case Study

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2.5.5 Finance
One of the existing string of all profitable action is Finance. The provision of start-up resource and money to fit functional expenses will be provided by access to finance. Employers who may be facing lack of a start-up finance as a challenge in estimating start-up finance must not be abondoned. Lack of savings and ignorance of the origins of finance are some of the other factors that casues employers to face challenges in finance. It is rather unhappy that the problem with access to capital has still not been solved , though there has been some little advancements.
An example was in 2003 when it was documented that the casual zone entreprenuers in Ghana confided on their personal savings and borrowing from relatives and friends.
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An individual gratitude is more commanding tool in establishing morale and incentive. An individual note from a peer or a superior does miracles. Many are times Small and comfortable festivities are more effective than a formal event organized once in a year (Greg Smith's
2.6.4 STEP 3: Involve and engage the workforce
People may show up for work, but are they engaged and productive? People are more committed and engaged when there is a process for them to contribute their ideas and employee suggestions. This gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their work. (Greg Smith's

2.6.5 STEP 4: Develop worker’s skills and potential
Preparation and teaching encourages people and makes them more creative and inventive. All customer contact people acquires six weeks training before they attend to an initial call at Federal express. (Greg Smith’s http//www.chartcourse)

2.7 Strategies and methods that attract quality workforce
2.7.1 Involve and engage
Folks may go to work, but are these folks fascinated and are they proactive? People are more committed and occupied when they can be inclusive in sharing ideas and suggestions and decision making. They feel recognised in the organisation. (Greg Smith's