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Service Category Focus
The service category is children, youth, and education services. Basic themes in the organizations' mission and goals within the category are all about children. They include things that benefit children and provide them with tools they need to be successful in life and many give them a safe place to go. The LaPine High school would support a six month project because it helps in their mission with aiding in youth development and being a safe environment for kids. Boys and Girls club would also be a huge supporter of this project. Their mission" is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens." This project will do just that because it is a way for kids to be involved in fun, productive, and safe activities.

Possible Project Description and Justification
The six month project of creating and having youth sports camps would be great for OSU-cascades. OSU-cascades will be able to work with many youth organizations, which will help with getting the OSU-cascades name out to kids, while helping the organizations with accomplishing their mission. This project would provide kids a safe environment to participate in a variety of sports where they will be able to learn and experience new sports or play a sport they already enjoy while developing their skills. The project will consist of three main stages; the first two would be during the first term and the last stage in the second term. The first stage, is a planning stage to decide on the number of camps, which sports/activities, and possible locations. The next stage would be to start planning the specific events and getting volunteers to help with the camp. The final stage would be the action stage that would consist of running the camps and get feedback on the events.

Stakeholder Support
A. The initial evidence that the project would help the organizations' within this category better meet their mission and goals are that the project is all about the children. It will be a camp for kids to interact with other children and adults who enjoy the sport or activity they are participating. It also allows for a safe environment that allows children can grow and experience new things that expand their knowledge. The data from all the sporting events