Starting High School Essay

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Ever felt nervous when entering a new school? You don’t have to be afraid anymore. High school is a welcoming place where the teacher and staff will guide you through the next 4 years. Any grade 8 students coming to high school would feel lost. I had the same exact feeling when entering high school. The first day of high school is the most nerve-wrecking day for most grade 8 students. Teachers, friends and parents are always on your side. Teachers will relief the stress and will assist you in any problems. Parents can help in homework, issue occurring in school and many more. Lastly friends can help you in any possible thing. Even though high school may seem fun and interesting, there are many risks to be taken. High school is the place where students have to make the right decision. This decision will eventually decide their future and career. Responsibility, organization and initiative are the 3 most important characteristics you would need to succeed in high school.

Characteristics are a typical and distinctive act or behaviour of a person. Three main characteristics are required to succeed in High school. Responsibility is the most important one of the three. Responsibility is a state or a fact of being responsible. Being responsible is the ability to act independent. High school is often the first time that you will have to balance your time between school work, a job or community service and perhaps a sport or other extracurricular activity. Students have to pay attention mostly on the school work. School work is important because it decide your future. Responsibility is key factor to a student’s success. Organization is the next characteristic which comes after responsibility. Organization is the action of organizing. It is an efficient and as orderly approach to different tasks. If students want to succeed in high school, they would have to be organized. Organization doesn’t only refer to keeping your belonging neat and tidy. It also refers to