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As the development of the technology and economy, the government built up more and more nuclear power plants in order to supply what human beings’ needs. But nuclear power plant lead to one of the most frequent causes of thermal pollution is the utilization of water as a coolant for industrial uses. Waste heat from electrical generating stations is transferred to cooling water taken from local water reservoirs, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans. After water has been heated, it is discharged back into the body of water, where it mixes with ambient water, raising water temperature, affecting the biodiversity of ecosystems. During hot temperature seasons, storm water´s temperature can be elevated as it passes over warm paved roads, parking spaces and sidewalks. These high temperature water currents flow down into bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, or oceans. An abrupt change in water temperature (thermal shock) can kill fish that has been adapted to certain water temperature range. Nuclear power in Australia is a heavily debated concept. Australia currently has no nuclear facilities generating electricity.
In order to protect the marine environment, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) set the standard that cooling water to attain a pH thereof in the range of about 7.5 to about 8.0 measured at a cooling water temperature of about temperature is a constant 50 to 60°F (Getierrez 2012).

For this question, a sample of 100 temperature readings will be obtained each day, and if the sample results cast a substantial amount of doubt on the hypothesis that the cooling system is working properly, then the plant must be shut down and appropriate actions must be taken to correct the problem. In the question, we are going to use H0 and Ha, so what is H0 and Ha? The null hypothesis, denoted H0 , is the statement being tested. Also, the null hypothesis is a statement of “no difference” or “no effect.” The null hypothesis is not rejected unless there is convincing sample evidence that it is false. For alternative hypothesis, denoted Ha, is a statement that will be accepted only if there is convincing sample evidence that it is true.
And the following part will demonstrate whether the plant should shut down and appropriate actions must be taken to correct the problem or not.

Data Analysis
Variable Temperature
Sample size: N
ST. Deviation

Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis testing involves five steps whether using a critical value rule or a p-value. These steps are illustrated as follows if using critical values.
Step 1
The initial step involves stating the null hypothesis H0 and the alternative hypothesis Ha.
H0: µ ≤ 60 Ha: µ > 60

Step 2
The second step involves Specifying