State Fair Short Story

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Pulling into the parking lot I remember witnessing the towering Ferris wheel and smelling the sweet corn on the cob. When I was little my father decided that my family should visit the State Fair. My family left early in the morning so that my family could stay all day. The first event that caught our attention was the massive amounts of eating contests and the massive building that housed pens of animals that you could ride on. I was excited for myself and my sister, for neither of us had ever been to the fair. As soon as my family arrived, I hurried my family to the gates so my father could purchase our tickets and start exploring. “ It's not a race bud, there's enough time for everything.” My father told me as I tried to rush them. “You may not be in a hurry , but I have never been to a fair before, …show more content…
My family agreed very willingly and we then wandered our way over to the petting zoo. The first thing I noticed about the zoo was its overpowering smell of animal poop. “Well what can you expect but to smell this it's only natural for the animals.” My father told me. The smell only got worse as you got closer, and the smell was the worst when you first walked in. As I looked to my left I could see a pen of pigs, and a stable so that if you wanted you could ride a pig. “ Can I please ride a pig mom.” I begged and begged. Eventually she agreed and told me” listen to the instructions and have fun during your ride. I listened and had a worker saddle me up. I still remember getting let loose and hearing the pigs oinks and snorts as it scrambled along carrying me on its back. “Giddy up.” Is what I remember my dad shouting to me as I held on for dear life. Once my ride ended my day at the fair was over and I still remember asking “Do we have to leave mom and dad” And I remember seeing them nod and tell me. “Sorry bud but unfortunately we