State Help Oe Enabling Essay examples

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Dora Lafferty
Mr. Miller
April 14, 2013

State help or Enabling?

How do you feel about welfare? Do you believe that many people are abusing the system? Do you feel there should be stricter rules and regulations? I feel many people who are on welfare are abusing the system. One thing people should know is what economic welfare was intended for. Another issue is the way people on welfare abuse the system legally. The third issues that needs addressed, are the rules and regulations of the economic welfare system. So is the state helping people on economic welfare or are they enabling them? Economic welfare was intended to help individuals in need get back on there feet. One service the welfare system provides is adequate job training and assistance. Another service our welfare system provides is programs for drug and alcohol abuse. The most common services used are food stamps, medical assistance, housing assistance, energy assistance, and child care vouchers. “This system was designed to keep American people from living in poverty and to help those that are unemployed to find work.”( In order to obtain economic welfare one must prove there in economic need for assistance. If your income falls below economic poverty then you will qualify for some or all welfare benefits. This system was created to help those in need; however these benefits are often abused. There are people on welfare that abuse the system legally. “Welfare has become a target for gluttonous mothers and others who have no values or willingness to obtain a job.” ( Many people abuse the system legally by choosing to stay on welfare instead of looking for employment. Some mothers even go as far as to have another child just so there welfare assistance increases. Another way people abuse the system is by choosing to stay on welfare, because they do not have the skills to obtain a high paying job there for they would make the same amount on welfare as they would if they had a job which causes them to stay on welfare, because why work when you can get the same thing for free. Often people sell there food stamps for cash to pay for things such as drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. I feel that welfare rules and regulations need to change to prevent the abuse. I feel the rules and regulations of our economic welfare system need to be carefully reevaluated. I feel in order to obtain economic welfare one must pass random drug screening. “If you have enough money to be able to purchase drugs, then you do not need welfare assistance.”( Another change I believe would be beneficial is putting a picture id on the food stamp card. This would prevent people from selling there food stamps. I believe that if you are on assistance and able to work you must apply for so many jobs per month that you are qualified for. This will prevent people from staying on welfare just because they