State Of The Organization

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State of the Organization
Jenny Hower

State of the Organization
In this paper a description of an organization in terms of its design and functionality will be discussed. When having this information available it will allow an organization to formulate a strategy for improving its performance.
Baptist East Hospital has had a long history in Tennessee; it has a good reputation of serving quality care to the residents in the western Tennessee area. Baptist East hospital is located in Memphis, Tennessee and had been serving the public for over forty years. Currently, Baptist East is a general medical and surgical hospital with 464 beds. The emergency department has 31 treatment suites staffed by 24-hour-a-day emergency physicians for the treatment of adults. It also has a separate, dedicated five-room pediatric treatment area staffed around the clock with in-house pediatric emergency physicians. There is a children’s hospital in construction that will have the capacity to have a 15 bed pediatric ICU and a 10 bed pediatric CCU that should be completed by the spring of 2015. This a huge addition to the facility in which a lot of time has been given to make sure the facility is what the community needs. Along with this new adventure the hospital has also encountered several other changes. In 1983, the hospital expanded the capabilities of its cardiology department and in 1996 Baptist East merged with two smaller hospitals in the area to make it easier for our patients in the outer areas to receive care. This merger has allowed the facility the ability to have more resources, expanded care, and a larger resource of doctors who specialize in services catering to what each community