State Wide Transfer And Articulation Reporting System

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STARS Every student knows that college is expensive and can take years to earn a degree. No student wants to take un-needed classes it’s a waste of time and money. Transferring from a two year college to a four year college or university can be challenging for a student. Credits will not be transferred correctly, students will have to take extra classes that are not a part of their degree plan, or a student may have to repeat certain courses.
The state wide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System, or STARS is a legal agreement that ensures the transfer of a student’s credits from a two year college to a four year college or university. It is important for students to know what required classes that need to be taken for their major. All it takes is some time to go online and check it out. STARS helps take some of the hassle out of transferring schools. STARS will give the student a printable version of the required courses to be taken in the students chosen major. This ensures that the student is not wasting any time or money on any unneeded classes.
Every four year college or universities in the state of Alabama are required to accept any course credits that are listed in STARS. Some students, if not using STARS, find themselves repeating courses or taking unneeded courses. STARS are an articulation agreement between the student and transferring institution. STARS ensure all degree requirements of the major that is selected for the transfer to a four year institution.
Students can have less out of pocket expense because STARS can ensure that the student take only the required courses in the students degree plan. College can be very expensive. Budgets