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It was my son’s comments on my ability as a teacher when I was tutoring him for his GCSE Mathematics that first turned my mind to the possibility of changing my career direction. I have a great love of my subject and delight in the elegance, economy and logicality of Mathematics, and I also very much enjoy explaining things to other people and inspiring them to share my pleasure in numbers. I believe I have a natural ability as a mentor of the young, and my work experience as a weekend tutor to a range of children from 6 years old upwards has confirmed my belief that I could make a real success of a teaching career. This marks a radical change of direction for me. My first degree was completed in 1987, and for much of the last ten years I have been working as a security officer, but I am in the process of qualifying as a Teaching Assistant through NCFE, and feel that now is the time to make the career move that really draws on my natural talents, my academic interests and the enjoyment I find in working with children and opening their minds. A training course would allow me to gain an understanding of current thinking in educational theory and practice and to explore methods of effective learning. I should like to understand the demands of the present curriculum, and explore how children’s minds develop and deal with complex information, such as constitutes much of the Mathematics syllabus. I am interested in the practical questions of classroom management, working with parents, preparing realistic teaching plans for different age groups, and recording and assessing, which form a large part of present-day school practice. Above all I am eager to ensure equality of opportunity for all my pupils and to include everyone who is in my charge. My aim is to persuade every child that Mathematics is enjoyable, useful, approachable and important, and in achieving this I would win for myself the utmost in professional and personal satisfaction. Earlier in my career I spent over a decade working in IT, both in this country and in India, which was a natural expression of my commitment to Mathematics. I specialized in hardware and software support, advising clients on systems as well as installing operation programs and setting up machines. Later I became a contractor dealing with systems test analysis. In 2005 I began working as a security officer, and from 2006 to 2010 I was with the UK Immigration Service at Terminal 2, Heathrow, after which I spent two years as a Detention Custody Officer for Serco Ltd, Harmondsworth. I had many