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From the very first time I watched the TV series Bones and Law & Order I'd fallen irrevocably in love with these shows. These shows reeled me in with every character, crime, and mystery. I thought to myself every episode how much I'd love to be in the cast's position and act the part but what I really wanted was the reality.
As the years passed and I went to high school I took biology and chemistry which I loved and maintained an average of a high B in. I also took criminal justice and Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) as electives to further my interest within my selected field. Being in those classes opened my eyes to the many positions within the criminal justice field in the military and civilian world and I was instantly drawn in by Forensic Science. During the beginning of my junior year, I began to explore all that the Forensic Science careers entailed inside and out of the military, I even kept an open mind to furthering my passion with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
I continuously gathered more information and was able to narrow my career search down to becoming a Forensic Anthropologist within the FBI or a Pathologist within the Air Force. Now as a senior in high school I feel that the preparation from those classes these past years and the skills I've obtained in the process will help me become exactly what I want. As I further my education to achieve this goal, I plan to major in biology and minor in chemistry obtaining a