Is Stalking A Violent Crime

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Statement of Essay Preparation
In comparing two sample Essays – The Distinction Essay entitled “Is committing a crime during adolescence a common phase in normal development”, and the ‘Pass’ essay “Is stalking a violent Crime? Discuss”, there are immediately fairly distinct differences between the two submissions, particularly in the Introduction and Conclusion paragraphs of the papers. In this statement I will elaborate on what differentiates these essays, and how I have prepared my essay writing in accordance.

An obvious difference noticed between the two papers is found within the introductory statements of the essays, where the Pass essay uses First Person narrative and the Distinction essay writes in Third Person narrative. Structuring an essay in Third Person Narrative is the preferred standard of academic writing, as it presents the essay in a factual and objective manner, rather than that of personal opinion. Accordingly, I have taken special consideration of this when writing my own essay, ensuring adequate Third Person narrative is used, and that my argument is stated in the Introduction in a clear and objective manner.

Another difference to note within the two Introduction paragraphs is that the Distinction essay does not suggest the obvious or use definitions, whilst at the same time clearly presenting the author’s case. In my opinion, this introduction seems well planned, and also “connected” and referred to smoothly throughout the body of the paper. The Pass essay however does not clearly state its argument in its introduction, rather; simply suggests that the discussion/topic exists, and that the paper will go on to ‘define stalking’. Simply put, in my opinion, they have not said “Yes” or “No” to the Essay topic of ‘Is stalking a Violent Crime”. Further, the Pass essay has not presented what evidence will be reviewed to support their research and case, whereas the Distinction essay did. (ie. (1) “The evidence explored includes the Australia Institute of Criminology statistics…”)
The comparison of the two Introductions of the two sample papers has assisted in the structuring and writing of my own topic’s introduction, therefore allowing me to build the body and conclusion from that structure. Learning from these samples, I have attempted to introduce my paper to the reader in an organized form, outlining points such as:
Evidence used to support my case
The exact argument I plan to discuss or prove
The key factors/theories I will