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A postgraduate degree program not only initiates one into the finer details of the subject, but also furthers the understanding in the field and fuels the thought process. According to me, a post graduate program in chemistry should provide scope for growth as a chemist and foremost as an individual. For this any university or college should make available fundamental requirements such as research labs, access to scientific journals, and the opportunity to interact with the best scientists. There should also be greater freedom to take up a variety of courses, especially of inter-disciplinary nature. An opportunity to be part of the wonderful heritage of the institutions in the United Kingdom would be really enriching experience. The advantage of a two year Post Graduate Course with English as the mode of education really appeals to me.

A vibrant international community is vital, as it initiates a confluence of ideas, which expands the outlook of any person, and makes him/her achieve more. I want to make a conscious decision of choosing the best (of various views). A diverse community in college will help me in achieving my above goal. Education in UK provides for a competitive environment in a vibrant society; this would stretch me to the limit and by doing so, would prepare me for the future that lay ahead.

I would like to be part of the future world of Chemistry; for which I would like to initially get a doctorate in Chemistry. I