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Visa Officer
Australian High Commission

Studying in Australia for Post Graduate Degree
1. I, Sayuri Widana Pathiranage a citizen of Sri Lanka , Presently live in United Kingdom expects to follow the post graduate degree in Master of Information Systems at Central Queensland University in Sydney ,Australia. This course will be commenced in July 2015. Reasons for this decision can be summarized as follows.
I have successfully completed ( in summary),
i. G.C.E O/L examination- 2000 ii. G.C.E. A/L examination- 2004 ( in Mathematics) iii. Associate Diploma – 2006 ( in Information Technology ) iv. Diploma – 2008 ( in Information Technology)
v. NVQ Level 5 – 2012 ( Business Information Technology) vi. Bachelor of Art (Hons) Business Marketing
After completing my Advanced Levels in year 2004, I started to follow my bachelor of Information Technology in Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in year 2005. It was a four year degree and I studied up to 3 years. I got married afterward and came to United Kingdom in order to continue my studies and started doing Business information Technology and I completed NVQ Level 5 in 2012 and I wanted to learn more about marketing as a result I started studying Business Marketing with Glyndwr University, London in year 2012. I have successfully completed my bachelor degree (BA Business Marketing) in university of Glyndwr, UK. Therewith I would like to study my next step which is a post graduate degree in Australia. I strongly believe that I would be an optimal candidate for a position at Central Queensland University for my master qualification. I have…