Statement Of Purpose For Higher Education Of Accounting

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Being an accountant has always been a dream for me ever since I was a child. Even though I have studied other subjects in the past and I don’t have any background in the accounts area at the moment, I believe that it’s never too late to study and pursue this dream I’ve always hoped for.

I have studied BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners mainly focusing on Software development. Upon learning this course I was able to develop my IT skills to a much higher practical level and I feel that I am ready to use these foundation skills to face the theory and practical challenges I will be involved in when going to a higher education of accounting and finance. During my time at college, I have been involved in research, group presentation, practical activities, field studies and simulation work which I have really enjoyed. I am studying various subjects that have truly thought me of different technical skills. These subjects include E-commerce, Computer Animation, Information systems and Communication and Employability Skills.

Along with ICT, I have also studied Graphic Products, which has allowed me to design my own product. From this I have learnt that patience is a must in everything I do to become successful; it also thought me that research is very important in addition to my own ideas. Drama was also one of the subjects I took which has improved my communication skills. I’ve learnt to analyse my own scene, I have put across my own ideas and considered ideas from my group mates. This has allowed me to gain a lot of confidence to perform as a team as well as by my self. I became more aware of the people around me and I have learnt to trust myself more as well as others.

I have also prepared a presentation work in relation to consulting a company regarding online e-commerce business activities. My skills in drama have helped me with the standard and the quality of presentation work that I have produced. I find these type of exercises very exciting and thoroughly motivating. Moreover, I have also completed a group project work for Networking and have also successfully taken part in a simulation activity for Communication and Employability Skills. These practical exercises have given me a good understanding of the differences between practical and theoretical aspects of the course. The course has also thought me a lot regarding my attitude towards my studies. Given so many work to do, I became more hardworking and focused. I was able to work with both my gender as well as the opposite sex.

I have