Statement Of Purpose For Pharmacy

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This statement of purpose serves as a reflection of my life, and my motivation that has enabled me to take on a career I believe will enhance the quality of life through hard work, and diligence for the patient population. As a student I had the privilege to accompany my uncle, a healthcare professional who toured different rural communities to attend to ailing patients with varying complications. Saddened by the plight of the sick people, my intense curiosity to questions of the ‘why and how” of disease, increased my interest in human health and on diseases.
With reflections on the various trips and the observations of the sufferings of people, I concluded that with development of my innate skills I could make a difference. I began exploring for a healthcare profession that would allow me to go the “extra mile”; making medicine accessible to the people who need it and promoting drug safety by addressing the problems of preventable medication- related injuries. I find this ideal career in no other profession than Pharmacy, the perfect bridge that connects me to my goals.
To me, there is nothing more fulfilling in a career than helping others, enjoying new challenges every day and being part of the fastest growing areas in the economy with profound integrity and ethical standards. Being a pharmacist will give me the fulfillment and satisfaction to address the immediate pressing needs of medication accessibility and safety, especially in the rural communities. Research will be conducted to address future diseases and treatments through drug design and development, an area I intend to seek professionalism.
My passion for population wellness through medication accessibility and safe administration grew steadily as I engaged in immunization and community health outreach programs with my uncle and other health workers. These programs exposed me to a myriad of medication-related problems plaguing people, especially the poor. I believe that through collaboration with like minded people, we could solve most of the issues at hand today. When I accepted my first fulltime job in a full-fledged pharmaceutical firm, I realized that I had made a good decision with a pathway to my intended career-Pharmacy. In my current role as a pharmacy technician and a volunteer in a hospital pharmacy, together with community health experience, I have come to understand and appreciate some health concerns of patients, and have also been exposed to problems of medication administration. Predicated on my personal observation and interactions with healthcare professionals, I believe that for giant strides to be achieved in the healthcare sector, attention must be given to the Pharmacy profession
My academic credentials as biochemistry major and among the top five students in a class of 113 indicate that I am ready for the