Essay about States Prepare Layoffs, Furloughs during Shutdown

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Summary: States have furloughed employees as the absence of federal funds is straining already tight state budgets, so more workers will be sent on unpaid leave or even laid off if the shutdown continues. The layoffs have hit civilians at state National Guard bureaus, workplace safety inspectors and state workers who determine eligibility for Social Security disability benefits, among others. At the same time, some states have avoided furloughs by tapping into accumulated federal funds while others are dipping into state coffers.

Why interested´╝ÜFor an international student from China, even a government can still go through shutdown is very shocking. Not only so, while the shutdown has furloughed federal workers, small businesses that work closely with the government are also being forced to let people go. For instance, Chloeta Fire is a firm specializes in battling wildfires, emergency fire response and wildfire preventions and 80% of its business is from government contracts. When the government shut down weeks ago, their contracts with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and some federally funded state contracts were all frozen and they have to lay off some firefighters.

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