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ECON1203 Business and Economic Statistics
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AdVantage Statistical Report
Executive Summary
293 samples of observations are collected to investigate the performance of designers hired by AdVantage, the popularity of putting advertisements into 6 different platforms, average click-through rate of product and last but not least, to determine at least a 3% click-through rate in all advertisements.
In the following data analysis, it has shown that 4 designers perform correspondingly to their peers. More jobs are advertised on other social media sites, accounting for 25%. Both product 2 and 4 have highest click-through rate on Twitter, whereas product 1 and 3 are on MySpace and Facebook respectively. Moreover, sufficient evidence has shown that there is at least 3% click through rate on all advertisements, implying that the average has reached 3% or more.

The data of this report comes from 293 samples of observations. There are 6 variables which are job, designer, views, clicks, product and placement. The report will first give a general view to AdVantage about the performance of the 4 hired designers. Number of jobs received by each designer is counted to see whether they underperform within their peers. In response to the popularity of 6 placements, percentage of jobs advertised in different placements will be analyzed. Furthermore, in order to determine the pricing strategy, average click-through rate of product on different placements is calculated and indicates the highest percentage of average click-through rate for each product. Most importantly, sufficient evidence has been shown that there is at least 3% click-through rate on all advertisements that AdVantage designed to place into the market.

Analysis of data
1. Performance of four designers
In order to investigate whether the four designers have underperformed within their peers, number of jobs received by each designer is counted from 293 numbers of jobs. As shown in figure 1, designer 2 receives the highest number of jobs of 91 while the remaining 3 designers get similar number of jobs of above 60. It implies that designer 2 perform slightly better than the others while