Essay on Statistics: Epidemiology and Real World

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Video Review

What is this video about?
The video demonstrates that statistics helps us analyze whether the things we actually think and live are real or not. Statistics helps us gain understanding of the real world. It also identifies the changes in the world that many people aren’t aware of. Statistics are essential to help monitor both the government and society. Statistics tells us trends in what happened in the past and can help be useful in what may happen in the future.
Why is Statistics important in the real world?
The video explains how statistics is used in creating crime maps. Crime maps help distinguish where and what types of crimes happen in a specific area. It pin points where crimes are at their highest and lowest peaks in a specified area. Using statistics crime maps identify what crimes take place in a specified area (vandalism, robbery, assault, murder, rape, etc. Individuals may look at this data and not even realize that it’s statistics. These maps helps authorities better the area as well as give individuals an insight on what is going on in the neighborhood. With this being said stats play a huge role with helping identify what is going on with the government.
Statistics is also important when it comes to politics. Presidential candidates use statistics to help them assemble their campaign. They may do more broadcasting and campaigning in a specific area where votes are normally higher for the opposite party. Sometimes during a specific campaign the president may be announced before all the votes a counted, this is due to statistical findings.
Predicting diseases also plays a role when it comes to statistics. For example statistics may show the 85 to 90 percent of