Statistics Project Outline Essay

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Statistics Project
Title Page
Goal in writing and the parts that make up the research. Also states what we will explain in the paper and that it supports our theory. Conclude the abstract by stating a single sentence on the conclusion
Tablet of Contents
Introduction (Briefly describe the issue)
Starts with a statement to introduce the research, including the history of what is known of the idea. Use the incomplete part of research to introduce the goal of the paper and what we attempt to learn. This connects to our contribution to research and then the structure of the paper introducing each section.
Literature Review (statement of the problem)( Informal and not necessarily previous research- fun facts)
Introduce specific previous research with the definitions and variables used in those research. We then explain what the focus of our paper is and where we are starting based on past research.
Introduction to theory (sources and definitions) we introduce the theory and information that is not known to the reader if it is uncommon information.
Hypothesis (hypothesis and null hypothesis)
We introduce the hypothesis (proposition) based upon the results of previous studies. There are multiple hypotheses and some of them may have extra parts in them (such as qualifying the different signs of addiction.
Method (observational study)
We introduce the method to do the test (qualitative/quantitative), type of testing, and the timing. Variables are also defined
Results (tables, description