Ihave Long Career In Acute And Community Paediatrics

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Ihave Long career in both acute and community paediatrics, with more than 25 years of child protection experience. In addition, I have excellent experience in mental health and attachment problems in children with behavioural issues. I'm currently updating my acute paediatric skills. This has included completing the Acute Paediatric Life Support (APLS) in November 2013. Also, I aim to complete the Neonatal Life Support (NLS) on 18th March 2014. Other non-NHS experience In 2011, during the Libyan revolution, I joined the Libyan Medical Relief Team where I worked in a mobile hospital providing medical attention to paediatric cases. This involved a variety of clinical cases including managing acutely sick children. This has significantly improved my ability to perform under pressure and resuscitation skills. Furthermore, I have successfully completed training from the International Medical Corps on the ‘clinical management for rape survivors' (adult and children). I have a strong commitment to the Libyan community in Manchester and currently hold the position of head of the Libyan Women's Association. This role has provided challenging experiences that have developed my abilities to lead and unite people to a common goal. I am one of the leaders in the Libyan Scouts and Guides in the United Kingdom. This role encourages me to continue developing my leadership skills. It has helped me learn to never yield to pressure and make the most of my assets.

I firmly believe I am an ambitious, motivated and dynamic paediatrician. I am involved in developing services and clinical excellence through hard working and exceptional capacity to build and