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statement of values

1 - put the service user first
2 - ensure service user welfare and safety
3 - always show compassion and sensitivity to all
4 - respect the individual ( respect the service user as an individual)
5 - uphold the individuals right and dignity
6 - respect the parent or carer of the service user
7 - respect the expertise of staff in the health and social care sector
8 - respect customs , values and spiritual beliefs
9 - implement equality and diversity
10 - confidentiality is a priority

observation :
When Jason was telling Emma what she has to draw i noticed that he was giving Emma good clear and simple instructions and was not giving to much detail at once whilst he was telling her what she had to draw.
Even though Emma could not see that Jason was doing hand movements whilst explain what she had to draw it looked like it helped Jason try to explain what Emma had to draw. He also told Emma that if she did not understand what he had said then to shake her head once, however i noticed that Emma did not shake her head at all.

What was the activity??
Getting to know each other through communication.
We also had to get a bit of toliet roll and depending on how many pieces you had picked up depending on how mnay more intresting or random facts you had to tell the class about you.
How did it make you feel??
It made me feel more confident because it meant that i could get to know people more that are doing the same course as me.
What types of communcation did you use??
I used a lot of verbal communication and hand movements whilst talking about myself, but when listening to someone else talk about themselves i…