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1. The population that the table refers to is men and women aged 16 or above.

2. The table refers to participants’ sex, age and physical activity (if any) 4 weeks prior to the survey. Physical activity is measured in the percentage of participants of each age group who participated in the respective physical activities 4 weeks prior to the time of the interview.

3. The percentages in the column total for men do not equal 100 because the total refers to the percentage of men that took part in each respective physical activity. The total to not add up to 100 because some participants may not have taken part in any physical activities and some may have taken part in more than one.

4. 1575 men played soccer 4 weeks prior to the interview.

5. There is no row in the table for female participation in soccer 4 weeks prior to the interview as less than 1% of women took part in this particular physical activity and at the bottom of the table it states that the table only includes activities which more than 1.0% of men and women participated in 4 weeks before the interview.

6. 2 Substantial differences between men and women’s participation rates are more men participated in snooker/pool/billiard (15%) and less than 1% of women participated in this physical activity. Another substantial difference between participation rates of physical activity between men and women is that more women (16%) took part in keep fit/yoga whereas only 7% of men took part in this activity.

7. One similarity between participation rates of men and women is that 31% of 20-24 year old men and women had the same percentage participation rates (31%) for walking 4 weeks prior to the time of the interview.

8. This quote is not necessarily true as the sample size of the women is unknown and the sample size of men aged 16-19 is also unknown. This means that it is untrue to say that 9% more men aged 16-19 walked than women aged 70 as the sample sizes will have to be the