Statue Of Liberty Informative Speech Outline

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Erin O’Donnell
SPC 205, 003
Informative Speech Outline

The Statue of Liberty

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To describe to my audience an overview of the history and present day happenings of the historic landmark that is the Statue of Liberty.
Thesis: The statue of liberty has stood tall representing American freedom and liberty.

I. Attention-Getter: The Statue of Liberty, also known as “lady liberty” has symbolized many foundations of American ideas including freedom.
II. Other: Anne Stokely, who authored the article “Let’s take a look at New York” stated that the statue has greeted millions of immigrants at the entrance to the New York Harbor. (Verbal Citation)
III. Thesis: According to New World
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Credibility: In preparation of this speech, I have read several articles on the statue, I have also visited the statue of liberty several times.
V. Preview of Points: Today, I am going to talk about the history, details and present day impact of The Statue of Liberty.

(Transition: Let us look first at the birth of our Lady Liberty.)

I. The article “Let’s take a look at New York” also states that The Statue of Liberty came about as a gift. (verbal citation)
A. The article goes on to say that the Statue of liberty was given to the people of the United States from the people of France as a centennial gift. (verbal citation)
1. The statue represents the friendship between these countries during the Revolution.
2. With no help from the French government, the people of France raised all of the money for the statue through public festivals and lotteries.
3. The statue was shipped in pieces by boats from France.
B. The French scholar, Edouard De Laborlaye had the idea of providing America with a gift because of the abolition of slavery and democracy.
1. The scholar paired with sculptor F.A. Bartholdi to come up with the idea for the statue. (Internal transition: Now, that we have completed an overview of the history, let us look at the
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In present day, many tourists come to view the monument and landmark as opposed to in the past when immigrants were being welcomed by the image of freedom as they arrived in America.

II. Thesis Re-statement
For over 125 years America’s abolishment of slavery and ideals have been represented through the Statue of Liberty.

III. Clincher
Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia states that The Statue of Liberty was originally conceived as a gesture of international friendship, but the statue has become a global symbol of freedom, marking the arrival of millions of immigrants to the U.S.

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