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STATUS REPORT – Information Systems & Technology

Name: Scott I. Zeitz
Position: Infrastructure Operations, Director

Reporting Period: 10/04/2013 - 10/17/2013


Servers, Storage, Network & Data Center

23 devices were identified as having some level errors or problems. (8 weeks old)
16 devices have been resolved
Parts are on order
I have assigned Anthony Drew track of activity on these problems.

Lack of properly configured pro-active monitoring solution.
Contracted vendor re-setup solution. – Project Started

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for Banner expired
Issues resolved. Impact 1 full business day
Going forward, I have taken steps to automate the renewal process and change the email notification from a named person to the OIT problem ticketing system. These steps are aligned with the strategic alignment and processes we are moving towards in OIT.

Internet usage and Student usage.
We will be looking for solutions such as moving Students to separate internet connection and segmenting the Wi-Fi devices/Network. This would also mitigate some of our security risks. Project will start in 2-3 months

OIT project duties for the New Technology Building – Scope creep has occurred
Smart Boards, Large screen Monitors and electronic devices have crept into scope.
Phase II will be moving the desktops from their current location to the new offices and space in the building.

HH Data Center and various wiring closets are have fallen into disarray.
Clean-up is already underway. ETC 6-12 months

Identified several problems where lack communication caused a simple fix and changes to become a bigger impact. Including OIT impacting OIT.

Team Dynamics continue to be a serious problem with the department. Starting to improve slightly.
Staff lack of full understanding of duties and roles.
Lack of ownership of tasks, projects and operational work.
Lack of leadership enforcing ownership of tasks, projects and operational work.
Moving forward with some the proposed Organizational changes in this area
On hold per Billy Rector.
Started re-aligned the duties of several staff to focus on core operations clean up with Process improvement and critical projects with Project Management.

Greg Murray (Network Communications Manager)
Requested Architecture, Technical Strategy and current documentation many times, via email (including CCing Billy), and in person several times with NO outcome. This was Billy recommendation on how to get information from Greg (ccing Billy him on emails)
His performance level is extremely poor and does hinder the progress of tasks and projects.
His Aggressive, Arrogant and Intimidating “Bully” style along with his Lack of Composure towards me and others is a hindrance to me, various teams and department as a whole.
My understanding is that this work style problem has been going on for a few years. Allowing this to flourish is some of the cause of department problems.

Desktop & Helpdesk

Plan was set to start to move forward with the proposed Organizational changes in this area.
On-hold per Billy Rector.
Improve first level support.
Current team only offers basic call center support and very basic triage.
Move from a Call Center to a Help Desk.
Plan was to have Desktop Support align with the Business Unit and Colleges:
Align and move various desktop support teams into the field. This will allow the support techs to better understand and in some cases anticipate needs of the clients better. Desktop Techs will be housed in various building that is aligned to the BU/Schools. (divided into smaller teams that can focus on certain business units and schools)

Problems with Desktop Support Manager, Rodney Carter
Addressing with Brian Dickens.
He Aggressive and often intimidating posturing towards me and others is a hindrance to me and some of the teams and department as a whole.
My understanding is that this work style