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Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in California USA. Not long after being born was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. When he completed the bachelor's degree in the institute Homestead Mountain View, Steve Jobs entry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but dropped out universities. Also, Steve Jobs was the co-founder and president of Apple Computer, and one of the greatest innovators in the computer industry. In addition, Steve Jobs was the one who revolutionized the world of computers with the introduction of the Macintosh in the XXI century, and the consumer industry with three of the most successful consumer electronics: the iPod, the iPhone and iPad.
Steve Jobs before and after his death left the world shocked by all his creations. Steve Jobs made life easier at home and in daily life. Home is the one of most important place because we can watch TV, Used the computer and play we iTunes store. Fist, Apple TV is displayed on the TV, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, content stored in the iTunes program from any computer that is on the same network: photos, videos, movies and music. Also, Apple TV is a device as comfortable in the house you can see right through all your programs from the iPad or iPhone in HD. also you do not have to worry if you have missed your favorite TV show with this small device you may repeat your program as often as you want. Second, iMac compatibility when connecting hardware such as printer, camera, phones, and USB (Flash drive) to the Mac automatically the Mac detects it and you can use it without any problems; I mean that there is no necessary to install any printer with a CD as other computers such as HP, DELL and more. In addition, Thanks to Steve Jobs Innovation we never forget that iMac computer rejects any virus that wants to enter the computer thanks to advanced technology. For example, Boot Virus, Hijackers, and Keylogger these are just as harmful viruses that are able to damage any others computers. However, iTunes store a page created by Steve Jobs which gives us the opportunity from home, school and work you can download or share any item such as games for our children to play, entertain film and video, and music to our liking and; ITunes is a free application which can be used only for MAC OSX, WINDOWS VISTA, and WINDOWS XP. Steve Jobs made our daily life easier. First of all, the iPod is a portable music player thanks to the size you can take anywhere to the gym to do exercises listening to music, also when if you are cleaning the house is more fun hearing your own music and to go to the supermarket, Also, the iPod has the capacity of storing up to 6,000 songs but you can store photos, videos, games and more, and include variety of functions such as games, calendar, and note that we can used in our daily life. Second, the iPhone 5 will be the first Apple product that can be used as mobile phone networks of fourth generation LTE…