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Performance-Enhancing Drugs Preventing Professional Baseball Players from Induction into the Hall of Fame
The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is comprised of 300 elected members. These members include players, umpires, coaches and team owners. There are sixty- two currently living. They would be highly upset to know that their elite list of exceptional players would be accompanied by a “cheater.” Professional players, which have admitted of using performance-enhancing drugs, should not be considered to be inducted into the hall of fame. Not only would it be a lie to the player and dedicated fans of Major League Baseball, but also a disgrace to the numerous players that are and forever will be in the hall of fame. A using performance-enhancing drug in Major League Baseball, or any professional field, is considered cheating, just like using a corked bat in MLB. It serves the same purpose as a wooden bat, but it is lighter so it’s easier to hit the ball further. Meaning, the players must use either all wooden or aluminum bats that have already been securely approved by the Rules Committee. It is all considered cheating in my point of view, unless it is natural, legal and not the only source used to get you to your goal. If a player uses these drugs, they are not a true and talented player and do not deserve to even be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.
Imagine if a true baseball fan was asked to compare two amazing players, Hank Aaron, for instance, next to Alex Rodriguez, there is a good chance the fan would have chosen Hank Aaron. Not only because he is one of the most renowned players in Major League history, but because he was an honest player. Henry Louis Aaron, or Hank Aaron, was named to a record of 25 All-Star squads and an all-time, home-run champion. Aaron had a completion of 3,771, hits plus 755 home runs. Because of his outstanding performance in right field, he has three Gold Gloves and a National League MVP, Most Valuable Player, award in 1957. Alex Rodriguez also has an amazing record so far. Rodriguez or “The Cooler” is the youngest player to reach 500 home runs. Not only that, but he has three MVPS. Rodriguez was also one of the first players to admit to the public and the league of his steroid. Because of this, the league performed a drug test in 2003. Rodriguez along with 104 other players tested positive for steroid use. Because of this, the Major League created a new Steroid Policy in 2004, banning the players from using this drug and if they do they must undergo the punishment required.
The majority of professional players in Major League Baseball get to that level because of hard work and determination. Yes, the objective of the game, at this particular level, is to be the best and win that World Series title, but it would be a bigger accomplishment to the player and the team to know they achieved their goal without any special help. The team members want to know that everyone worked hard off natural talents to get to where they are.
Not only do these certain drugs tarnish your career, devastate your friends and family but also harming your body in the process. Yes, they serve their purpose if used correctly in the meantime, but the long term effects are horrible, not sure if steroid usage is worth the risk. “Long-term effects of steroid use are quite variable and can be severe”, according to, “When taken for prolonged periods, they can turn off steroid production by the adrenal glands and/or turn off the signal to make steroids b the pituitary gland, and can cause increased appetite, weight gain, deposition of fat in specific locations (the widow’s hump, moon faces), loss of calcium from bone, accentuation of appearance of diabetes cataracts, accentuation of appearance of high blood pressure, avascular necrosis of bone (death of bone due to loss of blood supply), increased susceptibility to infection, the