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This is a question and answer discussion on Steinway Pianos. Discussed will be how the Steinway Piano company set up their system, smaller subsystems and how they use the systems perspective of input, transformation and output. Behavioral and operations management will also be discussed along with the universal and contingency perspective.

Steinway Pianos
This discussion on Steinway Pianos will be highlighting their processes and how their subsystems and system work together to produce their high quality piano cases. Learn how inputs from their environment, the transformation process and outputs into the environment affect their organization’s system perspective. Discuss the similarities between
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All of Steinway’s cases are handmade, unlike many other piano manufactures. There is an operational system in place for making the cases and that system is strictly followed to avoid losses. For over a century this process has produced the same high quality piano each time. Managers know how many months, parts and craftspeople they will need in order to “turn out 10 pianos in a day or 2,500 pianos in a year” (Griffin, 2013, p.29). They have strict procedures and controls in place for each subsystem to follow. Each department follows their own set of guidelines so to not fall behind which can put other departments in jeopardy of falling behind. The behavioral and operations management has quite a lot to do with the way Steinway has their processes. They take their time to properly train workers and their operational processes have been in place and have proven to work for many years. When a company has a good operational process and work flow in place, it makes it easy for the employees to know what, when and how to do their duties. Steinway adheres to the universal perspective for the most part. They have been doing the same processes for manufacturing and operations for many years, but at times they may have to rely on the contingency perspective, for example if they have a case worker that is out, then they have to train someone and adapt their