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Dear Mr. Cameron,

I am writing to inform you about stem cell research, and why I think it is a very useful and beneficial thing for us scientists to be able to do. It is quite a serious topic, and a lot of thought should be made before choosing. There are many good reasons for having it as a law in this country, and I would like to talk about them.

Stem cells are very important for research, as they are cells that are unspecialised ,and can turn into any cell type in the body. Stem cells can be taken from different places in the body, they can be found in bone marrow, the umbilical cord, also stem cells which are taken from aborted foetuses and embryonic stem cells, which are taken from the embryo in its early stages, which is called a blastocyst.

The first, and one of the most important and helpful reasons, is the fact that this type of research enables us to finally having the potential to cure diseases that are currently incurable, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, spinal chord injuries and a lot more. Over 100 Americans suffer from diseases that could be treated more effectively, or even cured by embryonic stem cell research, proving that this could save a lot of lives. This would also benefit the future of science a lot too, as we would know what to do when new diseases occur.

Stem cell research also reduces the dependence on organ donors, making tissues for auto-transplantation abundant, and requiring less on volunteers.

Secondly, if there are spare cells left, for example, if a woman chooses to have an abortion, we could use the