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The Killing Of AIDS
Over the past few decades’ stem cell research has become more prominent. Research recently has allowed for medical breakthroughs. These medical breakthroughs can be the cure for fatal diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, Leukemia and various genetic diseases that produces a mass of infected cells. I specifically want to focus on a medical breakthrough for HIV and the first man who was cured of AIDS from having stem cells transplanted from a bone marrow. HIV/AIDS is a disease that cannot be cured because cells rapidly mutate and become virally affected to where they begin to slowly destroy the immune system. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate as brand new cells and are able to put a block on themselves that way the virus cannot enter the cells. There are two types of stem cells. The embryonic: which is derived in the early embryonic stage of a cell. There is also the Adult Stem cell: Which is found in the bone marrow.
The man who was cured of Aids was also affected with the fatal blood cancer Leukemia. Initially the doctors were trying to cure this man’s Leukemia, not knowing that the stem cells were possibly the cure to his AIDS. The procedure they were using was chemotherapy and other various forms of radiation to kill his immune system. Then, they planned to take stem cells from his bone marrow and regenerate them and insert them into his body that way he would have a whole new stream of uninfected cells. You are probably asking yourself “Why can’t everybody be cured of AIDS then?” Well, the process isn’t as easy as it may seem. The cell used to transplant actually needs to be the cell of person who is