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Rochell Guerrero
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English 97 The Steps on Donating Blood

There are a lot of steps before and after donating blood. A process must be followed; the procedures must be taken in order to prepare a potential donor. Making the connection, getting prepared, and then finishing up with a rest to send the patient on his/her way. In following these procedures the donor has saved at least 5 lives. First of all making a connection is important so often a blood drive will be arranged and places like red cross will send out employees to schools, local businesses and events to find potential donors. This is something that is needed to be done; it is a mission said by Also, Every two seconds someone in the U.S is in need of a blood transfusion. This is to help someone survive an accident or to stay alive from an on going procedure such as cancer after finishing chemotherapy. Donating blood does not pay, but it is for a cause; there are many lives that need to be saved. The donor is called a hero to those people she saved. After the employees that are sent out to invite potential donors to blood drives get the donors attention, questions are asked also answered she is ready to make an appointment. Next is for a whoever signed up for the appointment to show up to the appointment, this is to process information for ongoing donations. The donor should wear comfortable clothing, and bring something to keep them occupied The donors get pre-screened, to check recent medical history and recent tattoos or piercings that could be infected. These procedure are taken serious to ensure that when transfusing blood to patients that they don't die or get an infection. Before taking a seat the donor must have enough salty and water in there body. To insure this the blood drives will provided a snack with some salt in it, and water. The donor must finish the snack that is provided before he/she can donate.

Finally everything is ready after the long process from the pre-screen. After the donor finishes the questions on the paper asked to complete by the nurse then to sign on a line for permission to use your blood, the nurse