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Types of Information and its purpose within Tesco
Types of Information
Tesco is a multinational grocery retailer; there are five main types of information used in within the business, which is explained below:
Written Information
Firstly, Tesco uses written information in forms such as reports and memoranda’s, also known commonly as memos. Reports would be used to analyse company data such as sales reports, these reports would enable Tesco to identify trends in sales which would then allow senior managers or the Projects Team to set targets and increase their profits. On the other hand these reports would also identify any decreases in their sales. The specialised teams would then be able to put in measures to increase their sales such as promotional offers, again ensuring that their sales targets are met and their profits are maintained.
Tesco also use memos to help communicate information such as current projects and future developments to its employees, ensuring that everyone in the business understands the direction and goals that Tesco are aiming to achieve. An advantage of using memos is that it is a quick and easy way to communicate to different people and departments.
Web based
Tesco has an intranet which can be accessed by its employees. Web based information can share information and ideas within the staff that can be referred back to at any point, the company intranet also gives its employees access to the companies policies and procedures which the staff can access at any time, for example their grievance procedure.

As well as the internal intranet, Tesco has a website which can be accessed by the general public 24 hours a day. This is a good way for them to promote products and offers to customers for higher sales. Tesco offers a delivery service which means that customers can access shopping anywhere at any time, therefore keeping up with the demands of a technologically advancing world. Having the delivery option increases sales as it will reach out to those that aren’t in distance of a local Tesco’s and for those who work nights. Having a website also allows a way to advertise jobs and provide information about the company.
Verbal Information
Tesco is a leading, multi award winning supermarket and to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors they need to ensure that their staff are fully trained and provide the best customer service possible. To do this Tesco provide training in a variety of methods such as role plays, meetings, appraisals and presentations, which are all forms of verbal information. These training methods can all be used to improve customer service.

Presentations are commonly used in meetings with different departments and employees to inform them on changes within the company or new products that Tesco will be stoking. This will ensure that their employees are passed on relevant information to ensure that they can complete their roles properly. An advantage of using appraisals is that Managers can capture a large audience at the same time, allowing everyone to receive the same message
Verbal information can be used informally or formally around the workplace. Verbal information is not only used with its employees but is also used to provide its customers with information such as promotional offers on selected products through the speakers in store.
is used within Tesco to inform, influence, and advertise to both staff and customers. Multimedia can be in forms such as videos and pictures. Tesco uses multimedia on their websites for things like videos on products or the store itself.
Finally, Tesco uses on screen information for advertisements and checkouts. Advertisements are commonly used as they are a great marketing tool to promote products to the public. Checkouts are used by both staff and customers to purchase their products.

Internal and External information
Internal information is information shared within an organisation/business. Three