Steppenwolf Theater Analysis

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It was winter time in Highland park, Illinois. The year was 1974, and a small group of teenagers had a dream to put on a performance of a play written by Paul Zindel titled And Miss Rearden Drinks A Little. Thankfully, this group of teenagers were successful in putting on their production, thus came the creation of the Steppenwolf Theatre (“A Chicago Theater Company is Born”). Even though the Steppenwolf Theatre had a rather unique start, they are now considered to be a very critically acclaimed Regional Theatre.
A rather beautiful storyline in itself, high school seniors, Rick Argosh and Leslie Wilson, posed the idea to put on a theatrical production to their recently graduated friend, Gary Sinise. After careful consideration, Sinise agreed to help put on the production. He also found some more peers who wanted to help and an old church where they could perform it at (“A Chicago
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Choose Chicago, a website whose main focus is to promote local hotspots to tourists in Chicago, stated, “They will challenge you to think harder, laugh longer, feel more. True to its mission, Steppenwolf Theatre Company consistently delivers dynamic and exciting theater that will hit you hard” ("Steppenwolf Theater Company"). Because of this review by Choose Chicago, it’s easy to assume that Chicago appreciates the kind of art of that the Steppenwolf Theatre creates within every show they produce. The writers of Choose Chicago also express that the Steppenwolf Theatre presents shows that directly, and indirectly, relate to the audience’s everyday life, which is a main reason why it’s one of Chicago’s go to places and they urge anyone who lives in Chicago, or anyone who is traveling through, to stop and visit the Steppenwolf Theatre to see a unique theatrical