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ENGAU-B Lesson 4

The Steps Not Taken There are a variety of different types of literatures that follow a monomyth, an archetype discovered by Joseph Campbell. The story the Step Not Taken is an example of a literature that follows a monomyth pattern. The narrator takes the presence of a hero who is amidst a personal quest if he should respond to others sufferings. In the story the hero goes through the three stages of monomyth. These stages are separation struggle and return.

The story first begins with separation phase. At this point the protagonist had no idea that his entire life was about to change, stating, “nothing at all to indicate what was about to take place.” The protagonist refused to take upon his mission by not approaching the young man when,” the elevator stopped at the 10th floor and, without looking back, I stepped out.” His benevolent guide was brought into play as he left the elevator he asked himself if he should go back to help the young man “should I go up to the 15th floor and make sure he’s ok.” Still, the protagonist was struggling internally whether he should accept his mission.

In the struggle stage, his conscience is what gave him the strength to move on, and share his experience with the world by writing The Step Not Taken. What motivated him to move on was the fact that he wouldn’t want his son to be ignored in a time of need, “the thing I would want someone to do if they ever found my son crying in an elevator.” This reminded of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, where the woman, a witch in disguise turns the prince into a beast for not showing kindness to a poor old woman. Both stories demonstrate the reality a persons actions effect your future.

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