Essay on Stereotype: American Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Language Schools

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Semi-Facts about Chinese By Zhedong Wu
Truth hurts, stereotype holds but semi-fact amuses. 1. Chinese people think money is everything.

Well, for five minutes trying to convince myself that is not true, I could hardly find any counter-argument to defend this ancient nation dignified with culture and spirit against this typical stereotype. Walking into any café surrounded by skyscrapers on the network of streets in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen, what you are expected to see is people with shirts and ties, sitting around, having cappuccino, reading financial times and discussing business issues. Most of them are not running business themselves but from each and every faces you can catch the desire for fortune. The flavor of coffee and the smell of money are mixed right in the atmosphere. Under authoritarian capitalism, materialism is heavily stimulated by the free market while the pursuit of conventional morality and standard social norms is discouraged by the limited political freedom. People struggling to define themselves within the societal hierarchy and to realize their values end up recognizing the scale of wealth as the solely measurement for personal success. But still, there are Chinese saints who value money as nothing more than paper. Look at the prices on the menus of any Chinese restaurant, they are significantly cheaper than most other types of food, which is remarkable given everyone knows Chinese food is the best in the world.

2. Chinese students only study Economics and Management
Of course, Chinese people do study other subjects but economics, finance and management are certainly among their favourites. Without doubt, those areas are much closer to the ‘dream industry’ which most third-world parents would love to see their children to have a career in. Besides, subjects like that do not ask for perfect language skills as many Chinese students find it hard to read David Copperfield or Critique of Pure Reason for the whole night without turning to The Big Bang Theory ( one of the American comedies extremely popular within Chinese) or calling for Chinese delivery. For those whose families are ridiculously rich already and do not care about their future career, it also makes perfect sense for their billionaire parents to have their children learning something "useful" so that they could return to take up the business after they are getting bored of their Ferrari Spiders.

3. Chinese people(girls) love to take pictures of the meal before start eating Try to friend any Chinese girl on Facebook and it would be surprising if her profile picture is not a plate of pasta! Nobody knows better than those girls on how to make your diet plan a total failure. Think about you are staying up at middle night writing assessments and your friend on Facebook gives her best greeting by uploading thirty lovely pictures of fajita, roasted chicken, barbecued pork steak, deep fried salmon fillets,