Stereotype and Language Features Essay example

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Text Structures Unit 1 Exemplar – Persuasive Speech Language Features

Hook – Something to grab the audience’s attention
Introduce yourself to your audience
Tell the audience the purpose of your speech
Introduce your text
Introduce your thesis
Explain the points that you will talk about in your body paragraphs

Topic sentence that introduces the main idea of the paragraph
Further explanation (first example)

Further explanation (Second example)

Linking sentence that connects back to the thesis and speech topic.

What do you picture when you hear the word “Australia”? Is it sun and beaches, the Harbour Bridge, Koala and Kangaroos or our Indigenous people? Take a moment to really consider what you believe a true representation of Australia is. Good morning/afternoon students and teacher. My name is John Smith and I am here to tell you about what I believe is a wonderful representation of Australian identity – the advertisement, There’s Nothin’ Like Australia. This advertisement clearly illustrates Australian identity by simultaneously portraying and subverting our stereotypes. These stereotypes that are inherent in the construction of our identity are shown through language features while the visual images subvert these clichés and show a modern Australia with a changing identity.

The advertisement There’s Nothin’ Like Australia effectively uses language features that appeal to the stereotypical construction of Australian identity. Colloquial language is used to emphasise our friendly and relaxed stereotypical image. This is best heard through the first sentence, “There’s nothin’ like it” where the variation of spelling by dropping the ‘g’ shows Australians to be easy-going and relaxed. Furthermore, our friendly and loyal nature is emphasised through the repetition of the synonymous words such as “mate” and “friend” in lines such as “my mates up here, my friends down there” and “where everyone’s your mate.” These language features portray the stereotypical nature of Australian identity which is important because some stereotypes are there for a reason; we are easy-going; we are relaxed; and everyone is our mate.

While the language features adhere to Australia’s stereotypical identity, the visual features used throughout the advertisement both emphasise our stereotypes and challenge them. The opening scene is of a beach with two surfers framing a sunset while two dolphins dive out and back in to the water. This image instantly draws attention to Australia’s beautiful, outdoor landscape and our readiness to be outside to witness such beauty. Additional images that emphasise Australian identity are shown as