Stereotypes Against Indigenous People

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We can easily see some people have strong stereotypes against indigenous people like they are different, which lead Indigenous people to suffer from their circumstances like poverty and events of the historical issues these days. Moreover, social economic and political isolation, as well as racial stereotyping, discrimination, and the loss of culture, language and often pride, left indigenous people in our society to economic inequality and even serious poverty. Most of indigenous children are raised in deficiency. Indigenous people continue to struggle with a lack of education to find a job, employment, skills, opportunities and income equality in their lives. This is usually because there are very little occupations given to them. They are mostly located far away from the urban areas. And most of adults have less than a high school education to be hired. Unless, they find a …show more content…
Feminist mothering is a mothering that takes to face and adjust the standards of male-controlled motherhood that are having a limit and unfair to women. Father and Mother play the biggest role to their children and the family. They are the most effective people to their children. As a parenting, they teach their children the respect for self like bodily autonomy, organization, gender and sexuality, respect for others, diversity and life tools. Moreover, there is a difference between mother and father’s raising the child. And to give a contrast between female mothering instinct and the male’s instinct, and should female sexuality as both a genetic drive and an expression of female need and female power. Not all women willingly want to be mothers and many in our society actively refuse that responsibility. However, feminist mothering can offers their children a way to stop the spread of sexist and male-controlled values to next generations. This is the great way to prevent the society’s gender