Stereotypes And Fears In Shaun Of The Dead

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Social mores and fears are strict norms that control moral and ethical behavior based on definitions of what is right and what is wrong. The way social mores and fears function is extended to all the conventions of a given society. In a given society, people can feel strongly about social mores and violating social mores can result in disapproval thus generating social fears. As norms are something people try to actively try to adhere or favor, they do play a huge factor in the creation of stereotypes. Stereotypes are intrinsic generalizations that people socially construct. Social mores and fears add to the construction of an oversimplified natural idea of a particular person or thing. This paper will focus on the British horror comedy film, Shaun of the Dead, in discussion of social mores and fears represented in a zombie plotline. In addition, this paper will utilizes various essays from Christopher M. Moreman and Cory James Rushton’s Zombies Are Us: Essays on the Humanity of the Walking Dead to examine the film about social mores and fears. As the film is a comedic approach to the terror of death, Shaun of the Dead reinforces social mores and fears through the representation of mass society in capitalism and ideologies of zombies. …show more content…
In addition, Shaun is trying to find some focus in his life and settle his issues with his mother and stepfather. His life-long best friend, Ed (Nick Frost) is a constant bad influence, as Shaun’s life seems to revolve around playing videogames. Once Liz dumps Shaun, Shaun drowns his sorrows at the Winchester pub with Ed. The Winchester pub becomes a significant setting in the film because the pub becomes a barricade for Shaun and his friends to survive from the zombie apocalypse. Throughout the