Stereotypes In Australia

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Many Foreigners who live in other countries think Australia is what they see in the stereotypical way. Most tourism advertisements focusing on Australia contain, the harbour bridge, opera house, outback areas, uluru, bondi beach, and taronga zoo. I have chosen to challenge these stereotypes with my imovie. I have chosen to represent chinese new year because it is a big celebration in australia every year, this also leads into the point about australia being a very multicultural country which it is, there are over 100 different cultures that live in this country and are free to believe in and stay true to their culture, have also chosen to focus on two semi popular competitions in australia, the A-league and the National Rugby League, people from foreign countries do not know about these competitions and they are very enjoyable to watch and will be a great thing to watch whilst here, whilst both seasons are going there are games every week for many rounds. I have fought against the …show more content…
I chose the Australian national Anthem because it is a stereotypical song of Australia and most other countries know of it, though jessica mauboy and Guy Sebastian have had times of popularity they are still not very well known artists in countries other than australia and fight against the stereotype of popular australian artists. I have also chosen to put in the rainy bondi beach and the winter aspect of australia because many americans believe that australia is a country that is always sunny and never gloomy always hot summer type weather. The choice of land down under as my slogan was made because our country is on the bottom of the map therefore down under, i mentioned bondi beach twice once in the start and once in the second part because i needed to show that the real australia includes bondi beach not always nice weather