Stereotypes In High School

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High school is full of all different types of people, who can be labeled into a certain stereotype of group. With myself currently spending around 35 hours a week in a high school, I believe I can easily label people, and know what “clique” they are in. We all go to the same school, and mostly take the same classes, however it is quite surprising how different one another is just from who they want to be. Every school has the classic jocks, nerds, partiers/stoners, and so on, however it seems our generation is creating new stereotypes. The most noticeable stereotype in Spring Lake is the “Preppy Rich Kid.” This is all the kids, normally boys, who pull up to school driving a new foreign car that their rich parents bought for them, blaring some rap music out of their car’s subwoofer. They typically love wearing colorful Polo Shirts with matching short-shorts, socks, and shoes. A lot of these kids have a lot going for them, including getting all the girls/boys, good grades, and athletic. The group is almost balanced with nice, easy going people, with the other half being complete jerks. This stereotype only occurs in …show more content…
A large number of people are starting to not do their work, or try in anything. This usually ties in with the classic “stoner,” or “partier,” but this is also common in people who do not party at all. These people enjoy keeping headphones in their ears as much as possible, to fade out all their problems. This stereotype is split into people who are quiet people, and the people who joke around all day. Within the past year, this has been a higher occurring problem within not only school, but people in general.
High School is a very unique time in one's life, and everyone has a different experience. Every school has the obvious stereotypes, but depending on the income level, and overall setting of your high school, you will find more unique