Stereotypes In Law Enforcement Essay

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Law enforcement is a great job to have as a career. On the job, officers get to help and protect the good people from bad people. It's so satisfying to hear people say “thank you”, it makes every person's day to know that people appreciate what officers do. California Highway Patrol, CHP officers really made so much stereotypes for themselves as mean, rude and hard-headed. People need to see the midwives for the life of a law enforcement officers. The complexity of a CHP life is so hard to understand because none else runs to gunfire expect law enforcement. Without law enforcement in the world the world would be chaotic. California highway patrol needs to be more understood rather than judged.
Law enforcement are the best people to be around
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… If we squander the opportunity, then we’ll just continue to muddle along the way we have, which would be a tragedy on top of tragedy”. Officers in law enforcement just want to be treated with respect and will give respect back to others. People think officers enjoy getting up in the morning and strap on their gun and go out into the world and hurt people when it's the exact opposite. Officers are just like the public, they have families, loved ones that they hope to go home to safe at the end of the day. Some officers aren’t as lucky as others, officers get killed in the field, it's a very sad thing that happens and some kids are left without a father or mother because some guy decided to rob a store to make quick money to buy some drugs and thought “I’m not going to jail” and an innocent cop gets killed in action. All places are different look at Chicago, over 1,000 murders this year alone. Then there is California, letting out over 100,000 prison inmates, killer, rapist, drug addicts all types of people back onto the streets and the public pays for it. California is something else man, no other state has messed up laws like cali, but the public voted and the laws because they don’t read the fineprint in the voting