Stereotypes Of Haiti Essay

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Haiti is known as the second largest island in the Greater Antilles, but the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the second most densely populated. When I capture a glimpse of Haiti my eyes take in the view of poverty everywhere, piles of trash along the roads, and garbage in the water; my ears hear stories of violence, dangerous government elections, cries of the needy children, voodoo and witchcraft, but these sounds don’t penetrate me; my heart is deaf to this. At a young age, I was unaware of the stereotypes and some truths that the stereotypes had. All I noticed was fun and all I did was have fun, because I was a child and thought as a child, never wondering what my future would hold and whether there would be a future for me. …show more content…
We would use socks or rags, tire, or bark, plastic bags or anything that coule form a ball to symbolize a soccer ball. We would play for hours as people on the side cheered us on. Memories of the fun flashed through my mind all the time, filling me with excitement and happiness. As a kid all I had in my mind was fun, and all I knew was fun. Education remains limited, therefore it never crossed my mind, I never cared about my future, because once you're an adult the only thing that mattered most was keeping you or your kids alive, I know this because it was what my mom did everyday, trying to take care of my sister and I with what little we had- which I’m very grateful for-. Therefore, I tried to hold the one thing that brought me the most happiness and that was playing soccer with my friends, but hat eventually changed when my mom got 3 green cards for her, and my sister and I to go to