Stereotypes Of Male Nursing Essay

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Nursing has been predominately comprised of women for many years until recently. We have seen a rise in male nurses in the last ten years. Nursing has been stereotyped as a “female” job in the past which may have discouraged men from exploring this career. if perceivers consistently observe women caring for children, they are likely to believe that characteristics thought to be necessary for child care, such as nurturance and warmth, are typical of women”(Clow, 2014). When a career is specified by gender, such as being an auto mechanic, it is thought that men are better at doing this job because they are seen doing it most often (Clow, 2014).
As time goes on and society becomes more open minded a person is able to explore careers regardless of the social repercussions they might incur. Currently men make up 5.7% of the U.S. nursing population (Dittman, 2012).Many people do not know that men historically were nurses before Florence Nightingale founded nursing (Clow, 2014). Before Nightingale men delivered medical care in battle as part of the military and also certain religious groups would also care for patients (Clow, 2014).
As the number of men in the nursing field continue to grow they are not without their challenges. 44% of male nurses say that men are discriminated due to their sex while 31% have also
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When I asked Ben to explain this he said that because men and women see things differently they will also communicate differently. A good example of this is if a man is yelled at he will more than likely shake it off and go on to the next thing whereas when women are yelled at it is more emotional and they can respond with anger or even tears. This is not to say that all women working in surgery cant take being yelled at but in all my years of working in this department I have never seen a man cry at work but I have seen several