Stereotypes Of Women In Mass Media Essay

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Mass Media has played a big role in everyday life before I can even remember. We can see how over the years media has socialized our own lives through the forms of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. With most the population having access to these forms of media, target marketing has begun its rise. Advertisements are being seen daily and are noticeably selling to us more than just their products. Through many ads we can see how the female gender is commonly diminished. Portraying women as nothing more than mothers and wives, or as size two erotic models advertisements are bringing up the many stereotypes that women encounter every day. A common stereotype that our society has is that women “belong in the kitchen”. Barbra Risman speaks on “Gender as a Social Structure” and how our gender isn’t one unit but needs many levels of analysis to be understood by …show more content…
Messner and Cooky speak on behalf of “Gender in televised sports” and how women are less likely to be televised than men. They also speak on behalf of the rare occasion that women are televised and how in many cases it is only for a sexualized gag story, in fights and scandals, or as perfect mothers and wives. PETA is an organization that promotes vegetarianism and in their advertisement, we see a black woman representing Eve, a biblical character, who committed the first ever sin. The black women in this ad is nearly nude and is posed in a very sexy way. Her dark and glowing skin, and her long hair makes audiences draw to her, especially the male audience. We can draw on the conclusion that PETA has appealed to primarily the male audience based on the idea that most men eat meat, and making males see this as a sin. Though this ad may not work for every man it still sexualizes women to get their point across and draw in a big