Essay about Stereotypes: Standardized Test and Jocks

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Austin Thompson
English 1101 S01
Mrs. Richmond
19 October 2014
The Jock Stereotype High school students are classified into many stereotypes. A stereotype is a widely held but fixed image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. One of the most familiar in stereotypes in high school are the jocks. The definition of a jock is a male student athlete, who is popular, but are very unintelligent. Jocks are also known to have a lot of girlfriends. Students that are not the jocks usually do all the classifying. The classifications of this stereotype are unfair. Jocks get a negative image because it seems as if they do not care about their grades as much as the regular student does. Most jocks are intelligent, extremely nice, but they can get a bad image from how they act. The dumb jock stereotype is unfair. Many people think that academic and athletic success are mutually exclusive. According to Dr. Sabina Kleitman, a professor at The University of Sydney, this is not true. Kleitman conducted a survey to over 12,000 students to find the correlation between sports and grades. Dr. Kleitman’s survey tested for achievement in many areas. These areas are: grades, homework, attendance, standardized test scores, and enrollment in college. In all those areas except standardized test scores, athletic participation positively correlated with academic achievement. For high school jocks that want to participate in college athletics, colleges require the same standards for jocks as they do any other student. If students do not meet the requirements they will not play. The requirements relate to how the student does in his classes. The jock stereotype usually classifies jocks as mean or rude to others. Sometimes this can be the case, but not always. When I was in high school, I guess one could say that my group of friends and I were jocks. I consider myself and my friends considerate and sincere to others. My friends and I were friends with a lot of kids that would not be classified under the jock stereotype. Calling so called jocks mean is completely false. Most people that went to my high school were friends or did not have any issues