Steriods: Anabolic Steroid and Injectable Solutions Essay

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The topic of the article I read is about steroids. This article explains to you the down falls of injecting steroids into ones body. The author points out that steroids is an ergogenic drug. This drug is primarily used by young men who believe the drug will increase their strength, power, bulk (weight) speed and athletic performance. This article includes extent of abuse such as, seventeen to twenty percent of college athletes use steroids. Hundreds and thousands of people ages eighteen and older abuse anabolic steroids at least once a year. There are two forms of steroids available and they are injectable solutions and pills. When users stop using the drug, they can experience physiological withdrawal. This can cause depression and can last for a year or more after the steroid use stops. There are many effects when using this drug, mood swings (aggression and violence), immune system disturbance, and danger of transporting aids through shared needles. Steroids can shut down the bodies production of testosterone, this will cause men’s breast to grow and testicles to atrophy. Different effects can occur in both men and women who use steroids. This drug is not just bad for your body there are also penalties for using it. In the year 1990, congress passed a law called “Anabolic Steroids Control Act”. This law makes it a crime to possess, proscribe, or distribute Anabolic Steroids for any use other than treatment of a specific disease. Fines for the illegal use of the drug will cost in the hundredths thousands and up to ten years in