Steroid Use In Sports Essay

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Abanoub Aziz
Eng. 1010
September 29 2014

The Wrong Roid To Travel Steroids, a performance-enhancing drug used by athletes to further their career. They are not only illegal but much research has proven that overdosing on steroids can lead to detrimental health conditions and even prove to be fatal. Athletes that use steroids are instantly given a bad reputation and stripped of all accolades. When it comes to steroids there are many misconceptions. When in reality while there may be cons of using the substance, there are many pros as well. Many athletes on the professional level use steroids. At the professional level athletes are always competing against each other. That competition gives them motive and drive to excel above their fellow competitors. Many people look at it as cheating, and the second an athlete is found guilty of use of steroids anything they have accomplished is diminished and reduced to ashes simply due to the fact that if you take steroids you are suddenly able to do things that the average human cannot. When in fact steroids do not do anything if you are not training hard, have a solid diet, and get consistent rest. All steroids do is give the muscles faster recovery time. They Increases your appetite so you can consume more food to get more nutrients in your body such as: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Steroids increase red muscle blood cells to produce more strength. There are too many misconceptions when it comes to steroids. The first one I would like to discuss is the most common, known as “roid rage”. This concept describes steroids to cause aggression and tension within the user when in reality steroids will only amplify personality characteristics that the individual already has. Caffeine and other stimulants have also been included within literature as stimulants that lead to higher levels of aggression, but should coffee be blamed for all outbursts by coffee drinkers? Another common misconception is that steroids are the easy way out. Once you take them you become a superhuman with no limitations, but in actual fact athletes will testify that more intense training and regime dieting is required in order to reap the full benefits that steroids have to offer. The fact is, steroids are not a magic pill that will instantly shape, define or provide your body with the athleticism you want. A healthy lifestyle that combines a healthy diet, with a recommended 8 hours of sleep will complement the intense training an athlete will punish his or her body through. If steroids were the magic pill that many people make them out to be, anyone could be the supreme athlete. Other misconceptions include cancer development due to increased uncontrolled amount of cells produced, stunted growth, depression, etc. The fact is that all these are myths. Though there is much research to provide answers to all these fallacies, there is no proven fact to suggest that these misconceptions are