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Why take steroids? They cause a lot of problems that you probably won't notice until later on in life. As an example, take Marion Jones, a United States track star. Her coach had been putting steroids in her water for 2 years straight. After a period of time she noticed herself becoming bigger, stronger, and faster but she had no clue it was the steroids. From 1999-2001, Marion received 5 medals, 3 gold and 2 bronze. In 2001 the International Olympic Committee investigated Marion Jones. They accused her of taking steroids, not knowing what her coach had been doing, Marion denied it. In 2003, Marion was then subjected to taking a drug test. She failed. Marion was guilty of not only taking illegal drugs but also lying about her ability for two years. Jones was sentenced in a federal court to six months in prison, two years of probation and community service for lying to federal prosecutors investigating the use of performance-enhancing substances. Now all her practice and hard work have gone to waste, fans are no longer fans, and her career is over all because of a steroid.

Steroids are substances forbidden by the law. The Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 became a law on November 29, 1990. Most doctors do not prescribe anabolic's so law enforcers will be able to tell if they are prescribed or not. If you get caught with a non-prescribed steroid, you could face up to 5 years in prison. If you are a professional athlete, you can be terminated for taking steroids. After termination court dates will appear and then a sentence. So just for taking a couple of pills all your hard work has gone to waste. It's not worth it. In both state, and federal court, punishment is driven by quantity. In Texas, for example, possession over 400 grams has a possible range of imprisonment of 5 years to life. Do you really want to spend 5 years to life in prison for having or taking a pill?

It is apparent in today's era that anabolic steroids' causes muscle growth, increased speed, and strength gain. It is not a common factor for people to know that steroids can also affect you. Steroids can affect women, men, and children. Male steroid abusers experience impotence, a reduction in the amount of sperm produced in testicles. Why also experiencing shrinkage in the testicle size. Female's experiences to anabolic steroids are similar to a male's experience because females also have problems with their reproductive organs. Children are different, the only thing they really experience as a child are increased appetites. Major organs in your body can change just from taking a pill.

"The 2002 "Monitoring the Future" study revealed that there has been a significant rise in the number of steroids among the school age children community from 1991-2001". This is a result of children wanting to become that best athlete in their future. Young adult steroid abusers normally don't see damages in their health until later on life. Most of the time children steroid abusers eat a lot. Eating a lot can lead to obesity then problems in school. Children who take steroids experience a higher appetite. Once you start eating a lot you might end up obese. Once you end up obese you might end up suffering from breathing and other obese side effects. Well if you can't breathe, how are you going to become that best athlete?

Not only are steroids illegal, and come with risk but they also have