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Steroids: The Honest Way To Get Ahead Over the years, sports legends and fans have admired players for their dedication, talent, and hard work towards their respected sports. They admire the time that the athletes spend in the weight room and watching game film, always trying to better themselves. Fans say that sports grow teamwork skills as well as individual talent and that those values are what make athletes so respectable. Well, these people would be wrong. Hard work isn’t what makes a player better at their position but rather a little synthetic drug called steroids. Players who still go the “respectable” route and actually dedicate themselves to their sport, are overrated. New players know that all you have to do is stick that talent-giving needle in your arm and you can be the next Michael Jordan.
Players who use steroids are very respected by both the fans and their fellow teammates. Fans love a player who doesn’t actually have talent and portrays complete dishonesty. Many players lie about taking steroids. I say be proud of the talent that you don’t have! Who cares if you’ll never make it to the Hall of Fame, they get to leave with a sense of disappointment, a couple holes in their arms, and a new needle. That should be rewarding enough for a player to try it.
If I could rank inventions of our time from greatest to least, steroids would have that number one spot. No fan wants to see a little blooper hit that barely makes it out of the infield; they want to see players that hit 500 foot homeruns that hit cars in the parking lot. Just ask Alex Rodriguez. He’s been caught doing steroids twice in his career. That fake talent drove him all the way to mediocrity. So what if it ruined his career and will probably never play again; he’s had the time of his life showing the fans and teammates that his synthetic talent was still not enough for him to be a good baseball player. Steroids have made sports so much better to watch. Owners of sports teams and television stations